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About the Craftsman

Shérab Dorje (Clive Way)

Welcome to the workshop. Here there be wood crafts – when there are not explosions…sometimes bowls explode when making them – it can be quite exciting.  First, I must express my gratitude to ö’Nyi Dorje, who taught me how to turn wood. It is such fun – the smell, the touch, the colour, the tools.

I am fascinated by colour – the rich greens of moss, the textured browns and greens of twigs and leaf detritus. The resin and wood bowls are inspired by this  –  taking a scoop out of the woods, or the sky, or the sea, or…whatever – I have many ideas…

 I also make gÇod damarus –  buddhist drums. These are made to order – please get in touch if you are interested. The bowls are available in the online shop.

I am a buddhist, a computer geek, a musician and a writer. I like to go for Nordic pole walks and other types of walks – I have been known to walk backwards -through the glorious welsh countryside. I particularly like the colour green, in all its magnificent nuances. Water is also another favourite, droplets, cascades, trickles, rain, pools…

I shall soon be purchasing a wet suit, in order to immerse myself in the welsh waters more often and for longer. Goodness knows what ideas this will give rise to.

I am just in the process of moving my workshop to Drala Jong - a Vajrayana Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales.

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